Afbeelding: Green sand molding line

Vulcanus Castings commits to advanced technology. Our horizontal product line is fully automated. The whole production process of premium green sand moulds, the pouring, the deburring and immersing, up until the final inspection shows repetitive and set monitoring moments. We adhere to absolute uniformity of your product. We are able to realise this thanks to modern monitoring equipment. Our staff is skilled and devoted. They are well-trained, have experience and regularly undergo further training. A whole engineering team is at your disposal.

The current capacity is 120 moulds per hour. The measurements of our moulds are 1000 by 800 by 300/300mm. We can meet your demand exceedingly well, now, but also in an unexpected variation in demand.

Afbeelding: Automated CNC deburring

We deburr with CNC cutting machines and for the final finish we are provided with an emersing paint line.

Our R&D engineering team works constantly on improvements in internal processes as well as together with you in co-engineering.