Vulcanus Castings is flexible. Logistics equals service to us. Our production process is arranged in such a manner that we can intervene quickly. Orders are able to be shifted to the front or back timewise. A number of Vulcanus Castings employees are qualified to do that. Those are the people you as a customer are in direct contact with.

Vulcanus Castings revolves around control and good communication with you about On-time Delivery, Track & Trace and the delivery of Ready to Assemble products.

Vulcanus Castings is located in the industrial centre of Europe. We work according to the Lean philosophy and maintain several logistical concepts such as Kanban and Just in Time delivery.

We will keep you informed about the progress of production. You will be notified by us before delivery. If you make use of Track & Trace, then we will apply this functionality within the norms you as a customer adhere to.

Afbeelding: Outstanding Customer Service