Vulcanus Castings is active in several sectors: agriculture and forestry, transport and logistics, automative, off-highway and mechanical engineering. Courtesy of these differentiations we are less sensitive to seasonal influences and economic climate. We are flexible to adhere to your questions. Our automated production process works flawlessly even in a variation of numbers, product weight and geometry. Our stable product mix proves thaVulcanus Castings can deliver in many areas.

Looking at the distribution of serial production, we see that three quarters of it consists of series of 2000 up to 30.000 items. About 5% is above those numbers and with 20% the number is lower.

Nannoka Vulcanus is in experience and knowledge a trustworthy partner for every order size in serial production.

Afbeelding: Combination of high- mid- and low-volume parts

After the bank crisis in 2009 we were able to increase our productivity steadily. This is also our goal for the upcoming years.

Afbeelding: Evolution tonnage and turnover 2009-2017