Co-engineering leads to improvement of the product and its functionality. For years Nannoka Vulcanus has made use of 3D CAD programmes and casting simulation software. This means that we are able to communicate excellently with you about the design. You could deploy our professionality with it in challenges in the design of the product as well as the metallurgical aspects. It is also possible that we educate your personnel for specific parts.

Afbeelding: From 3D CAD model to casting

That way we will become besides partners in production also partners in knowledge. From our professionality we often offer solutions as early as in the design fase which can make the final product for example more functional, more optimal to produce and when possible lighter in weight and simultaneously cheaper. We take into account the properties as well as the functionality of the to be produced product.

Your final product rises in quality and the production often generates a considerable recurring reduction in costs.