We are restructuring our telephone network. Temporary you can reach Vulcanus Castings at telephone number +31 6 40198663



Nannoka Vulcanus was established in Doetinchem (Langerak) in 1894. Thus we are able to provide over a century of experience and knowledge. Over the years we have built a loyal clientèle, which trusts our quality and punctuality.

Nannoka Vulcanus is strongly internationally oriented and has built an excellent reputation as provider of core intensive foundry. We make use of an outstanding internationally functioning partner network. Thanks to our central location, in the industrial centre of Europe, we provide our services for reputable internationally operating companies. These are active in the build of machinery, off-road and power & transmission industry. We represent State of the Art technology and offer solutions in logistics and co-engineering.

Afbeelding: Personnel residence

In our region de Achterhoek technological industry is traditionally very important.

At this moment Nannoka Vulcanus offers employment to 130 people from the region. Our intention is to grow and deliver a contribution regionally by sharing knowledge, providing education and innovation. We invest in collaborations with schools and government to increase the appeal of our region for production employees as well as highly educated staff members.